Bug Report !!!!

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Hello everyone.

I think I have found a very huge bug in the Codeforces System which can potentially lead to destroying the purpose of Codeforces.

Alright so here is something I found.

During Div2/Div1 contests people are divided into groups and placed in different rooms for hacking purposes.

Suppose Alice is participating in Div2 contest and she solves a problem say problem B. She then has the option to lock the problem so that she can hack other people in her room. Locking a problem allows one to see another person's code for the same problem in the same room.

So far good, now begins the mischievous part.

To mess with someone from her room say Bob who has also solved problem B, Alice copies his code and submits it from her alternate account without making a single change in the code. What this will do is trigger the automatic plagiarism checker and Bob would get screwed up for having the same code as some other participant.

Alice has multiple accounts on Codeforces and she has the power to screw up everyone in her room for all the problems she solves

MikeMirzyanov Please look into this.

Also, provide suggestions if any in the comment section to tackle this problem.

P.S. Can someone in the comment section provide the What would happen if we use 100% of our brain meme I could not find it.

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