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I've noticed an problem of lots of reports being put at random places and thus frequently unheard (if you ever tried to DM MikeMirzayanov, you most likely know what I'm talking about), so I take responsibility to declare this blog as a blog for collecting bug reports, proposals and other notes to mention considering the website codeforces.com Rules:

1) No off-topic. All unrelated comments will be downvoted, reported and deleted.

2) Please, share as much information related to your issue (if there is any) as you can. Simple "website doesn't work" can not be helped.

3) Other codeforces community rules apply here as well.

If you know about any unresolved issues, migrating them here will be appreciated. I'm not from CF web-design team so I have little power over the website itself so DMing me will most likely not help you (I don't prohibit it though).

Thanks and happy coding!

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