New Features In GAME of CODES and we reached 1k+ members!

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Hey Fellow Coders!

I am really excited to share that we have reached 1000+ members on Game Of Codes. Thanks for your overwhelming response!

I have added some new features listed here:

  • Bookmarks: Now you can bookmark questions and see them in bookmarks section.

  • Login as Guest: Now, you can login as guest, but when logged in as a guest, you won't be able to set targets, add bookmarks, play one v one coding fights in codeblast.

  • Visualizers: Added sorting visualizers and path finding visualizers with amazing theory on the side bar.

If you haven't registered yet, register here and make your competitive journey much more exciting: Game Of CODES

Once again thanks for the support and I am working on errors you all have reported. Also, there is a very big surprise waiting for you, so stay connected!

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