"Adolescent Grigore Moisil" (AGM) International Programming Contest

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Dear friends,

I am honoured to present you "Adolescent Grigore Moisil" (AGM) International Programming Contest (7th edition).

AGM is addressed to high school students who can form teams of up to 3 members, ICPC style. The contest has a qualification round on 20th February. The problems are set up fully by university students, medalists in national and international competitions (IOI, BOI, CEOI, etc.).

We are looking forward to international participants, especially those who want to participate in the final round (which is set to be in Bucharest, Romania, this summer, but there are chances to be held also online due to the pandemic situation; we will come with further details). You can register here until 19th February at 17:00 GMT.

Finally, I am more than delighted to present you our team: patrick.sava (the heart of the project), geniucos, LucaSeri, munteanuvlad98, Stelutzu, Alex18mai, teoionescu, bogdan10bos, carabet.cosmin, Stefan_Radu, Mihai22e, Mihneac, vreaudelftpls, eman98, GinguIonut, caesar2001, Usu and me.

Take a look at our problem-sets from the last edition:


Final Round Day1

Final Round Day2

Our website

AGM Facebook

Also, don't hesitate to contact us: contact@agm-contest.com

Thank you very much,


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