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As if writing this it is September 7th, 12:04 PM PST

I hit number 10 spot yesterday on September 6th at around 5:20 PM PST and since then a lot has happened.

First off I would like to thank all those who have congratulated me both on discord and codeforces. My email is flooded with mentions and comment replies so thanks ig. Individuals I would like to thank-

To jli505, dutinmeow, oursaco, Justinch, gnahz, BossBobster, and bunny676 — I really didn't believe I could hit this spot. After getting around 140 contribution, it seemed that 1 contribution took around 100 upvotes which was insane for me at the time. I lost all hope, but you guys gave me the motivation I needed.

To 1-gon for giving me guidance and being a funny person on codeforces. Your blog about the contribution leaderboards is really, really good and I don't think anyone can top that

To PurpleCrayon, BucketPotato, moo., lunchbox — thank you for creating gyrating cats and giving me inspiration for my favorite blog that I had the most fun writing (its deleted but I still saved screenshots).

And to all those others who have upvoted me, thanks; I really appreciate each of those upvotes.

A few notes I would like to mention.

  1. Please do not make blogs congratulating me or asking to give me upvotes. I appreciate all that, but those are starting to clog up recent actions. Just send me a message or comment on one of my very recent blogs.

  2. Please do not necropost on my old blogs. It really just goes back to the clogging up recent actions page and takes away from other blogs time in the side panel.

  3. Please read (and upvote!) PurpleCrayon's blog Due to the ruckus from my blogs and others related to me, his blog was shoved out of Recent Actions and it definitely deserves more people to see it.

  4. Please friend me I'm trying to hit 420 friends

Again thanks everyone for supporting me and sticking with me all this time. I think I will take a break from writing blogs for a while now but I will still stay active and comment, so this is sus, signing off.




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