How to solve/approach Div-2 C & D problems?

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Hello everyone!!!

I have given a couple of contests on Codeforces till now. I am able to do the first 2 problems in a Div-2 contest , hence get a rank of about 6-7k . I am sure if solve them quickly and don't loose points on wrong submissions , I could reach 4-5k easily. But to get a better rank I need to solve C & D.

Can any please advice or share some tips/tricks about how to solve C & D problems in Div-2 contests? The problem is that on reading the editorial, I find the problems quite easy and I am able to implement them on my own(mostly). But during the contest , I don't get the idea about how should I approach them. Mainly they are of constructive algorithm types but some(D mainly) contains DP & graphs.

Should I simply start solving from the Codeforces problem set by setting the difficulty level 1400-1700 or there is something else that I should do ?

Thanks in advance :)

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