The most disgusting contest I participated in: The 2021 ICPC Asia Regionals Online Contest (I)

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Just a few hours ago, The 2021 ICPC Asia Regionals Online Contest (I) was held on This contest(and the next on 26th) will determine the WHOLE Asia-East Division‘s quota. And how fantastic(according to some coaches) of these problems in this online contest? I upload the statement on GDrive and you can preread it here: aec-online-i-2021.pdf

I should clarify something here: This contest doesn't have a clarification function, and some problems are from Huawei. Guess which they are!

Some fantastic part of problems

After Yinchuan Site's cheating, Shenyang Site's problem leaking, this is the third(maybe?) ridiculous and disgusting thing that happened in EC Division this year. I don't know what's organizer's purpose is, but our participants' enthusiasm and determination of Competitive Programming is not something you can trample.

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