NEED HELP(upd: solved): No idea why query limit is exceeded

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Problem: here

Submission link: here

Why I think it shouldn't exceed the limit:

Let's look at my query function (it does the queries):

function code

now the solve function:

solve() code

So, I don't get a runtime error due to the assertions. But it should work, because $$$t<=10^4$$$ times we do at most $$$2$$$ queries, and we do also some build queries, which are $$$\leq 4\cdot10^4$$$. $$$2\cdot 10^4 + 4\cdot 10^4 = 6\cdot 10^4$$$, which is the maximal number of queries possible. Have you got any ideas what's wrong here? Help would be really appreciated. Thank you.


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