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Hello, Codeforces!

The problems were suggested by users roosephu and sunayuki. The great help in preparing was provided by Aksenov239, GlebsHP and Codeforces team. ZeptoLab Team did its best while working on statements.

The round will use smoother dynamic problem scores with 250 points steps.

In 2014 we hosted our first programming contest together with Codeforces, and we liked it!

Let me shortly remind you how it was. The contest consisted of 6 problems, 2.5 hours were given to solve (you can have a look at the problems of the previous year and try to solve them here).

Of course, even on a purely coding event we stayed true to ourselves, so all problems were designed based on our games, and, of course, we illustrated them with care:

Zepto Code Rush 2014 broke the existing Codeforces record of round popularity. Also we were glad to read a positive feedback about problems. By the way, the first three places were taken by developers from Russia. Some of them even came to pick up the prizes at the office, where they had a mini-tour and the highlight of the program: of course, the game in a giant Cut The Rope and our standard corporate "going green" welcome kit at the entrance (we call "going green" a welcome kit, full of fun gizmos of our corporate green color).

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