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By 725973, 6 weeks ago, In English

I tried to rewrite my C++17 (64) solution for 213. Strong Defence in Rust. After some time of debugging (it kept failing test 11), I just resubmitted the accepted solution code choosing GNU C++20 (64) as a compiler. The submission failed on test 11. This means the same code in C++17 behaves differently when being submitted as a C++20 code.

32-bit C++17 solution was accepted too. Since I have experienced the same issue with the Rust solution (but the Python solution was accepted), I suspect this might be a toolchain issue.

UPD: Turns out (thanks to nor) these submissions are not publicly available. I have posted the codes in the comment section: https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/96256?#comment-853275.

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