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AminulIslam's blog

By AminulIslam, 20 months ago, In English

I'm noticing some problems in the Comments and Replies of Blogs. The comments/replies I make disappear/get vanished after some time. (But the contribution points doesn't change) Not only in my case, I saw this kind of weird things in others comments/replies too. They are no longer available. I can't find them anymore! (I'm not talking about the fading of comments due to too many downvotes) Also, when I click on the notifications regarding my comments("Someone" replied to your comment), it doesn't redirect me to the comment/reply.

For example, if I click on " replied " of the latest comment on the Notifications(In the Photo), it redirects me to the blog but not the comment/reply with this URL(http://codeforces.com/blog/entry/64438#comment-483850)

I think you should check it MikeMirzayanov!

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