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Hello everyone!

I'd like to invite you to Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics (EOI) — Open Contests Archive group. This group contains EOI related competitions (Qualifications, online, onsite contests ,.. etc).

We are compiling some of the older contests and update the group with new competitions.

We would like to thank Coach Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Wahab (fegla) Head of ACPC Scientific Committee and members of the Committee for preparing the contests.

Also thanks MikeMirzayanov for the amazing Codeforces and Polygon platforms.

Contests that are currently available:


EOI 2019 Online and Onsite contests have been added


IOI 2019 Egyptian Qualification Contests have been added

EOI 2018 Onsite Contests have been added

(Some problems will be added soon)


EOI 2017 Onsite Contests have been added

Hope you enjoy and benefit from them.


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