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By Blitztage, history, 3 weeks ago, In English

Finally the observable universe has corrected its biggest mistake today by rightfully giving the esteemed brain athlete and genius problemsetter satyam343 his deserved Grandmaster title. Congratulations from GMS GNS parivaar.

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By Blitztage, history, 8 months ago, In English

Hi Everyone,

The selection list for both the regionals (Amrita and Kanpur-Mathura) is out now. You can find the selected teams and their sites here and here. Thus, it would be fun to know more about the teams participating in the competition.

Please feel free to comment the regionals you have qualified for, the location you will be visiting and your teammates.

Also, it would be fun if you could mention something interesting about your team.

For eg. (some prompts)
- Something interesting about a teammate or your past performance OR
- What will you do if you AK the problemset in 3 hours OR
- Preferences in problemset (eg. all geometry problems).

Looking forward to meet many people in the community!

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