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By De.Wilde, 16 months ago, In English


Code For Athoy — Contest for Saving a Life

Hi everyone,

I hope you find this post in good health. A 17 years old brother(Athoy) of ours is fighting with blood cancer and his family is going through a stage where they can't bear the expense of his treatment anymore after managing 9 out of 12 chemotherapy.

We are arranging an online programming contest nationwide for collecting funds for the treatment to continue. His family needs around 250,000tk(about 3,000$) for the next Chemotherapy and more in upcoming days.

Currently, they're not being able to manage any reasonable help from other sources during this COVID-19 pandemic and selling out their last of the assets and belongings. We've been informed that Athoy needs three more chemotherapy till next year and completed the first installment for the next chemotherapy planned on 7-8th of June 2020. So, for now we are planning to collect your donations till the 3rd of June 2020.

We've collected around 20,000tk(about 230$) and already transferred it to Athoy's family so far but we need more help. I really hope this programming community can bring a reasonable difference to their current situation.

For local(Bangladesh) transactions we're using Bkash and Rocket payment system. For other countries, if you can send money using xoom please send me a message or email me at, I'll provide you the details.

You can send any amount of donation to us. Please complete this form after your donation. The contest registration can be completed through the same form.
Payment details for local(Bangladeshi Bkash and Rocket) transactions are attached to the form.

All the donations will be delivered to Athoy's family under DIU Computer & Programming Club and my own surveillance.
We are counting on you. Each and every penny makes a difference.

Facebook event for more details:

Contest details:-

Contest Link:
Contest Time & Date: 18:00BDT Friday, 5 June 2020
Duration: 4 hours
There will be around 10-13 problems. The majority of the problems will be among easy to medium-hard level problems.
Huge thanks to sgtlaugh and fsshakkhor for their problem sets, they will be reviewing the whole set as well.

The contest invitation will be sent 2-3days before the contest. Make sure it's correct.

UPD: Contest has ended successfully.
Public Replay contest scheduled on 9th June:

Your generosity will be remembered and may almighty bless you with good-health and rewards.
We're highly expecting your valuable participation and a smooth contest.

Thanks to all of you for staying with us.
Stay well. Stay safe ♥

UPD1: Donations collected and transferred ~30,000BDT(~350USD) till 30th May.
UPD2: Donations collected ~42,000BDT(~495USD) and transferred ~40,000BDT(~470USD) till 31st May.
UPD3: Donations collected ~44,000BDT(~520USD) and transferred ~40,000BDT(~470USD) till 1st June.
UPD4: Donations collected ~73,157BDT(~860USD) and transferred ~74,000BDT(~870USD) till 4th June.
UPD5: Toph has donated 10,000BDT(~120USD) and finally we've transferred 85,000BDT(~1,000USD) in total.

Final update: Athoy's 10th chemo took place on 7th June and it went well so far.

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