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Due there isn't any official country ranking for IOI and i was wondering of The position of Iran in this tournament based on the total points , I grabbed info from table in IOI2014 Official Websites Ranking and Done some coding,Moving to Excel and finnaly I gained Top10 Countries Summary Ranking:

IOI 2014 Country Ranking Summary

Then i decided to attach each participant name,ranking to his/her country for more information and share it on The Codeforces ...

Top 20 Countries With Details (PNG Picture) 0.7 MB

All Countries With Details (PNG Picture) 2.7 MB

Congratulate IRAN IOI Team

Any suggestion/error report in standings will be welcome.

UPD: There is some errors in medals color but Countries ranking is based on the total points and doesn't change, If somebody give me the right scores for medalists surely i will update the photos

UPD2: I sync medalist with the information in no change in Top10 , If you still seeing the previous images refresh cause its exactly the same URL

Also i noticed that I'm not the only one made mistakes for medalists also CodeChef congratulate 1Gold 1Silve 1Bronze in their last email sent to members but this website says they have got 1Gold 1Silver excluding that Bronze

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