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Hello everyone!

I'm reaching out to ask for your help in finding companies that are currently hiring new graduates with a competitive programming background. I recently received news from Google and Meta that they would not be able to extend me an offer due to business reasons, despite having interned at Meta and successfully completing the interview process with Google.

As a recent graduate, I am eager to start my professional career and continue learning and growing. However, given the current economic situation in the US and other countries, finding job openings and securing interviews has been a significant challenge. Additionally, finding sponsors for visas has been another hurdle to overcome.

I have experience working in big tech, having completed four internships at Meta, and I also have a strong background in competitive programming, including two ICPC WF and IOI competitions. I know that this type of profile can be attractive to companies, but I am unsure where to look now.

Thank you all for any assistance you can provide. I understand that many of us are facing similar struggles, but I hope we can all find opportunities to develop professionally and achieve our goals.


I just wanted to share some good news and information with the community. Things have now worked out, as I will be joining D.E. Shaw & Co. Thanks for all the help and support of the community during these tough times! It really did helped me a lot pushing through and finding opportunities and just knowing that I was not alone.

I wanted also to mention which companies did end up giving me an opportunity to interview, as I know some of you might also be struggling finding interviews, and you might find something helpful with these companies. The companies that I had interviews with were:

  • D.E. Shaw & Co
  • Citadel
  • Jane Street
  • Square
  • Pinterest
  • Wood Mackenzie
  • QuantCo

Note: This was all between January and May 2023

I hope the best for all the community, and please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance, as I have been trough this process for a couple of months and it was for sure tough and hard on my mental health.

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By Diegogrc, history, 4 years ago, In English

When I started competitive programming, I used CodeBlocks in Windows, because it had an easy to use debugger, and it achieved everything I needed for CP easily.

After I transitioned to a Mac and tried CodeBlocks there, I realized it wasn´t design to run on a Mac and it was running incorrectly. So I found c9.io, a free online IDE. This was great and I really liked using it. But now this place is closing and I am going to need a new IDE to use for Competitive programming and I am not quite sure which one would be better for me, and I think here people with experience with other IDEs could really help me get to a good one.

I use debugging a lot in CP, and I really like user friendly IDEs ( I tried VIM and i did not get it at all ).

Which one would you reccomend for me? I would appreciate the help very much. Thanks!

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By Diegogrc, history, 5 years ago, In English

Hello! I have been participating in the 2017/2018 COCI contests. But after they are over i like to solve the problems i didn't solve after the contest. Is there an Online Judge where i can submit these year COCI problems? Or do i need to do it manually with the test cases ( this would be difficult in the problems in which the output is not always the same )

Thanks in advance!!

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