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Dear Codeforces Community,

Happy (late) Chinese New Year Codeforces!

We are excited to invite you to TOKI Regular Open Contest #26!

Key details:

Many thanks to:

  • prabowo for the amazing coordination of the round.
  • hocky for helping with problem preparation.
  • DystoriaX, TakeMe, and ayaze for testing the problems and giving invaluable feedback.
  • fushar for the TLX platform!

Hope you will enjoy contest!


Congratulations to our top 5:

  1. rama_pang
  2. hitonanode (same as 1st rank)
  3. Pyqe
  4. gyh20
  5. kotatsugame

Congratulations to our first solvers:

You can upsolve the problems here.

Editorial is available in the upsolve link.

Thank you for participating!

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