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We are glad to announce the start of the sixth edition of FIICode!

The format will remain the same as last year (3 qualifying rounds and the final one). All rounds will be held online on CSAcademy.

Because the final is online, we decided that this year the contest will be national, meaning that only the first 25 Romanian / Moldovan participants will be able to officially participate in the final round and win the prizes. But those who cannot officially compete in the final are of course welcome to participate. Also, the difficulty of the qualifying rounds will be similar to a Div.2 Codeforces contest (slightly easier).

The problems are created and tested by bicsi, Juve45, denis2111, lungualex00, cristian1997, sebi110, vladd, Fanurie, antohir, RazvanPanaite, IulianOleniuc, ApetriiRadu, pauldiac and smoc_georgemarian.

To officially participate you can register here.

The first round takes place Saturday, April 17, 18:05 Romanian time.

LE: First round starts in 1h

The second round takes place Tuesday, May 4, 15:05 Romanian time.

The third round takes place Friday, May 21, 18:05 Romanian time.

LE: Third round starts in 2h

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