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I started coding after discovering about PinkieRabbit's history in cp.

When browsing Baidu Post Bar(a Chinese website similar to Reddit), you can find him having posted something that may inspire every CPer.

His journey in CP began when he was very young, finally achieving rank 51 in NOI(Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics) in 2020, entering Tsinghua University. Now he have 2 IGM alt-acoounts(including PinkieRabbit himself), but I never get more than 2120 rating.

Now he continues uploading videos of contests onto Bilibili(Chinese video-sharing platform like Youtube).

He provides CPers much fun since he got his rating -154 in Codeforces Round 773 (Div. 1). Many CPers make jokes about him once he makes mistakes or his rating drops, and even eased off many CPers' tension before NOI in 2022 because he had his QQ(Chinese instant messaging software) account and group banned due to saying something violating Chinese law.

He doesn't only specialize in CP, livestreaming game often. And it also makes many CPers have fun telling him not to forget studying his college class.

Thank you PinkieRabbit again, for inspiring me to begin an exploration in such an incredible subject and meeting so many fun CPer via him.

So, to honor him, my classmate made a drawing of his alt-account PinkRabbitAFO.

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