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Hello, Codeforces community!

As you may know, today is the first day of the prestigious ICPC World Finals 2020 competition. I am grateful for an opportunity to participate in this competition as a Wildcard team, since we didn't perform well in semifinals and wouldn't qualify for finals otherwise. I am very thankful to the ICPC committee for this decision.

We arrived at the Sheremetyevo airport this morning and were pleased for a warming reception of ICPC volunteers who took us to hotel Crowne Plaza.

I particularly liked the spectacular look of main lobby:

Here is a photo of my and girlfriend's room:

We visited the Moscow City during the day. Here is a photo of etoro:

Also I was happy to see jiangly on TV ;) :

I am really excited about the new format that allows one computer per team member. We sometimes wrote quarterfinals this way with our own computers- it was much more comfortable than fighting each other for a single computer. As you know, everybody wants to debug his code on a computer, and this new rule will make the participation much more pleasant for us (and I hope for you too)!.

Have a nice finals!

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By IBaloff, history, 2 years ago, In English

Hello codeforces community, :)

As you may know, mobile devices are dominating the market and already have greater market share than PC computers. Although Codeforces community is expanding, it could outreach even more people by deploying a Codeforces mobile app to Google play or iphone store and stay ahead of its competitors.

Why creating a mobile app is beneficial to Codeforces community?

  • over 60% of mobile phone users prefer dedicated app over a website;
  • apps are faster than website, especially during system testing when users are constantly refreshing webpage and thus slowing testing speed;
  • (I think this is very important!) apps can give offline access to Codeforces content, including problems;
  • an app could remind you of any upcoming contest;
  • additionally, it could provide smoother experience for those who write contests on their mobile phones.

Of course this list is not exhaustive, feel free to add other benefits in comments.

MikeMirzayanov what do you think?

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