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Hi, sorry for interrupting you from learning binary search. A year ago I saw some similar blogs and they somehow motivated me, so I am posting this, maybe it'll motivate you)

And one more reason — I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way: - My mother, and younger brother, they helped me a lot and believed in me - Um_nik with his posts(especially this one https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/98806) - ProHackers and Capitan, They taught me to love solving problems and I got a lot useful and free tips from them :) - And my friends, who believed in me(even more than I do) CodeN7, Vyacheslav_23

So... Yesterday I became a master. Yeah, I know that this wasn't my main goal and many guys have achieved master too, but in any case, I think this small achievement is enough to create such a post. I just want to say, believe in yourself, watch anime and enjoy solving problems! And I know for sure that is more than enough to achieve your goals!

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