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How can I solve this using bigmod method?

If the series is 1+a+a^2+a^3+a^4+a^5 then this will be equal to (1+a^2+a^4)+a(1+a^2+a^4). How can I apply bigmod here!

BigMod : This is for calculating the mod of a large number like 2^100 or 10^18.

long long bigmod(long long a, long long b, long long m)
    if(b==0) return 1;
        long long p1 = a%m;
        long long p2 = bigmod(a,b-1,m);
        return (p1*p2)%m;
        long long h = bigmod(a,b/2,m);
        return (h*h)%m;

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