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By JeevanJyot, 5 weeks ago, In English

We invite you to participate in CodeChef’s April Long Challenge Two, starting this Friday, 22nd April, 3 PM IST onwards.

Please note, the contest is open for 3 days, i.e, from 22 — 25 April. The long Challenge One will be rated for Div 3 & 4 coders.

Joining me on the problem setting panel are:

The video editorials of the problems will be available on our YouTube channel as soon as the contest ends. Subscribe to get notifications about our new editorials.

Also, if you have some original and engaging problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in CodeChef's contests, you can share them here.

Hope to see you participating.

Good Luck!

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By JeevanJyot, 7 months ago, In English

Henlo Codeforces!

We are very glad to invite you to the Codeforces Round #754 (Div. 2), which will be held on Nov/12/2021 17:35 (Moscow time). This round will be rated for participants with a rating less than $$$2100$$$. For higher rated participants, we challenge you to solve problem F ;)

All the problems were authored and prepared by Ashishgup, the_hyp0cr1t3, ExplodingFreeze and me. We have tried our best to create an interesting problemset with clear statements. Hope you enjoy the round :D

You will be given $$$6$$$ problems and $$$2$$$ hours to solve them.

We would like to thank:

Good luck!

Here's the scoring distribution of the round:

$$$500 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500 - 3500$$$

UPD: Editorial is out

Also, congratulations to the winners.

Div 1 + 2:

  1. SSRS_

  2. Vercingetorix

  3. YanZhuoZLY

  4. codinglunch

  5. hank55663

Div 2:

  1. YanZhuoZLY

  2. codinglunch

  3. huyinghao0706


  5. ideology

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By JeevanJyot, 11 months ago, In English

My friend the_hyp0cr1t3 and I came across this weird behaviour which we can't seem to explain.

The submissions 121761224 and 121761200 are identical, yet the former (submitted in C++17) gets accepted and the latter (submitted in C++14) gets WA on test 1.

After an hour of debugging, we managed to get it accepted in C++14 (121761314) with the following change in the code:

WA (C++14)
AC (C++14)

We would appreciate if someone could explain why something like a = b = c; and a = c; b = a; seem to produce different results.

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