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By Jostic11, 2 years ago, translation, In English


They say no access, here's the code:

Here are the task:

I do not know how to add a photo of the problem, but here is the link to it:

The package received a "Test Refusal". As I understand it, the problem in generating randomness in the checking system

And even when we started to write virtual participation (from the one who launched the virtual participation), we only had a countdown for one of the participants, and the rest could view the tasks. Everything worked before.

Upd: Participants could enter the competition in coach mode, as far as I understand, it was impossible to do this before

There is 1.5 hours until the next round, can the problem I found spoil it?

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By Jostic11, 3 years ago, translation, In English

Hi Codeforces!

This year I am finishing school and moving to university, I don’t see any sense in competitive programming anymore (just for the sake of pleasure writing contests, but not solving problems separately). Well, I had a question, but what exactly should I do? I’ll try to explain more precisely .. Previously, I came from school and wanted to do something useful, I took and solved problems, realizing that it makes some contribution to my future, but what should I do now to make such a contribution? Please share your experience with what you did after comp. programming.

If you know similar blog posts, skinte please, I tried to google it, but did not find anything similar, although it probably is, but my imagination for the headings is too scarce.

Thanks to all!

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