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By KentRO, 17 months ago, In English

I was a new user on Codeforces who started giving contests lately and used to do it on different online IDE everytime. In last contest, I solved the problems on ideone and I had no prior knowledge that it was giving public access of my code to many users who submitted the same code with my logic and of course it got skipped(it happened before too). I checked the person's profile who had same submission as me and found that all the skipped questions on this person's profile are in different language. Which made me think that this person is definitely copying codes from somewhere and submitting it.

I think that this Codeforces ID should be banned so it doesnt affect other users contest and I think there should be a beginner's guide before registering on Codeforces with new accounts so they should be aware about all this and dont commit these mistakes in beginning while giving contests.

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