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Hello, competitive programmers!

Are you interested in segment tree? or Do you think lazy segment tree is difficult?

I invite you to take part in Code Monk(Segment Tree,RMQ,Lazy Propagation).

You can check the start time here.

This is one of CodeMonk series. This contest will be held for programmer who is a beginner for (lazy) segment-tree, so we also prepared the tutorial of segment tree (and lazy segment tree). You can read it here.

There are 4 problems in this contest, segment tree or lazy segment tree problems.

Do you think segment tree is very easy? Then,this contest will be easy for you ,so how about solving very fast, and become a winner?

If you are interested in this contest, why don't you participate in it?

Also there are some prizes for newbie programmer. You can learn more details about it here.

At last, I introduce Author&Problem Setters&Problem Tester&Editorialist:

Author: r3gz3n

Setters:aditya1495 camypaper subway aqfaridi



Don't forget to participate this contest. I am looking forward to seeing you on the Leaderboard.

Keep coding!

Good luck everyone!

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