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By Less_Always, 4 months ago, In English

Hi everyone,

This is just a request for people who create contests.

Mostly we have editorials for the contests which are nicely written :) , but sometimes maybe making a video tutorial for the same may help the users more, as it helps in proper visualization of the thinking of the person who created the problem and the one with the solution.

I know that there are many streams happening now , many great coders who themselves have taken the resolution of making the videos in youtube and all, but ( again this is on personal note ) my thoughts are to create a specific tab ( if possible and is worth it ) in codeforces (maybe a VIDEOS tab) which will have the relevant video tutorials for anyone who wish to do so for every contest happening on this platform. One may post the video tutorials/links of youtube as well. The user will be rewarded with some contribution points as well as decided by some moderators.

For many beginners (including me), I think it will help a lot.

Again this is entirely my personal thought, neither I do video editing nor am I an expert in Web Development. Let me know your viewpoints as well. Also if there are any other ways to make it generic that is also good.

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