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By Merkurev, 5 years ago, translation, In English

Hello everyone!

As many of you might notice, there is a new event in an ICPC WF schedule this year.

description by ICPCNews

It's cool that ICPC found new sponsor for WF. And new activities may give a lot of fun for WF participants.

But what the reason to make this event mandatory? (There are already JetBrains TechTrack (45 mins) and TechShowcase (2 hours).)

On my mind, some teams are going to ICPC WF to participate in the WF itself. They work hard to show the best of they skills during WF. And 7 hours of mandatory events on the day before Dress Rehearsal, and about 5 hours on the Dress Rehearsal Day (I understand this part, except "Coaches Award Ceremony") would not help teams to relax and prepare to contest itself.

How do you think about this issue? I want to hear the community members' opinions. Yeah, I copied parts of the text from ICPC WF 2019 Keyboard Issue blog :)

If there are enough of community members who share my opinion, let's talk to Bill during WF about it?

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