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By Quick_Coder, 10 years ago, In English

Hi Guys, Below I have given two links to my submissions source code for problem 159B. The two codes are exactly same. The only difference is that one of the submission is made in JAVA 6 and the other one in JAVA 7. And it is interesting to note that the submission in JAVA 6 got AC while in JAVA 7 got RE. I think this is probably due to different implementations of inbuilt sort in JAVA 6 and 7. Any of your suggestions are welcome on this topic here and yes, we should wait a bit before saying Good Bye to JAVA 6 because their can be even more bugs in JAVA 7 in addition to this one. Link to my submission under JAVA 6 1353158 and Link to my submission under JAVA 7 1353143

Thank You.

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