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Hello Guys,

I think you all be well in this Corona Pandemic. Nowadays , I had started doing CP after a long time again. And with my as usual bad CP skills, let my rating down so many times and which also intended me to Cheat in contest to protect it (yes you read it correct, I am confessing it) . As I confessed it so now I had decided that I will not do it(cheat) anymore. But still there is question in my mind that How to overcome the fear of getting negative delta in Contest ? , which is one of the reason to cheat in a contest for most of the people or can say the only reason. I am very keen to know the solution this problem . Please Help ?


A request to my side to all so called cheaters. Please don't cheat anymore. Because more you will do it, the more it will demotivate others, as by doing so you will get positive delta but the guy who gave the contest honestly and got negative delta because of your cheating will get demotivated and he will also start cheating later on and this chain will go on endlessly..

I think you all will give a thought to my words.


PS: Sorry for poor English.

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