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Recently I read this blog post How to prevent Infinite loop in Sublime Text and then try to use Sublime C++14 build with timeout. But as the build function given is only works for Ubuntu and as a Windows users i tried to convert this build Commands for Windows with Features of Timeout Functionality, I tried on google to get any build file for sublime for windows(Which consist of timeout Functionality) But i didn't get any , So i decided to write myself , By When I tried alot to modify the BUILD COMMAND for windows I didn't compile my file successfully , So I Request You all to help me to convert the above Build command so that it is suitable for Windows also, It may help many peoples which are using windows like me. PS:- Sublime text is One of the Best text Editor for CP , But because of Freezing problem of sublime(Generally Occur when Your code goes in Infinite Loop), It troubles Most of the peoples during contest and waste alot of time.A small help by you guys, helps a large number of Windows Users.

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