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Greetings Codeforces community!

CodeChef’s May Lunchtime sponsored by ShareChat is just around the corner and you are all invited to participate. This is not only an opportunity to get some practice and improve your coding skills, but also a chance to improve your rating!

Team CodeChef is also seeking problem ideas for our upcoming contests! If you think you have an idea that will make for an exciting contest problem, then send it to us using this form: Come and take your first step towards becoming a CodeChef problem setter!

ShareChat — India’s fastest growing social network is inviting participants of the Lunchtime to come apply for exciting work opportunities. Job opportunities are open to programmers across the world and internship opportunities are exclusively aimed at final year B.Tech students who have already been placed and looking forward to gaining startup experience. Visit the contest page for more details.

I hope you will join your fellow programmers and enjoy the contest problems. Joining me on the problem setting panel are:

Contest Details:

  • Start Date & Time: 25th May 2019 (1930 hrs) to 25th May 2019 (2230 hrs). (Indian Standard Time — +5:30 GMT) — Check your timezone
  • Contest link:
  • Registration: You just need to have a CodeChef handle to participate. For all those, who are interested and do not have a CodeChef handle, are requested to register in order to participate.
  • Prizes: Top 10 Indian and top 10 Global school students from ranklist will receive certificates and CodeChef laddus, with which the winners can claim cool CodeChef goodies. Know more here: (For those who have not yet got their previous winning, please send an email to

Good Luck!

Hope to see you participating!!

Happy Programming!!

UPD: Unfortunately the contest is going to be unrated due to server issues.

UPD2: Congratulations to the top 3!!


  1. isaf27
  2. uwi
  3. amnesiac_dusk


  1. Geothermal
  2. Heltion
  3. CSHwang

UPD3: The editorials of first 4 problems are ready and will be posted soon. The editorials of other 3 problems will be posted tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can go through the Author's notes for those problems here.

UPD4: All editorials have been posted.

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I've uploaded the code that I used to generate this on Github, in case someone needs to generate something similar:

Codeforces Team Rating Calculator

The regional round has ended and here's the final Ranklist:

Inspired by the list of teams going to Kharagpur regionals, I decided to make one for Gwalior/Pune regionals. The list contains all the teams from the official Gwalior website. If you know the usernames of members of any of the teams. Please update the excel file:


Team rating calculation has been done according to the official Codeforces team rating calculation formula.

The table will be updated with details from the excel file every 6 hours or so.

Last Updated: 10 pm, 12th December IST

No. AIR Team Name Institute Name Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Rating Location
1 30 BhayanakMau t IIIT-Delhi cerberus97 polingy JPSingh_ko_ koot_diye 2558 Gwalior
2 7 bits please Indian Institute of Technology — Kanpur yashChandna ni gravito1234 5 Beast_Withi n 2516 Gwalior
3 10 Persistent Matroid Indian Institute of Technology — Kharagpur evil666man Chenghiz ChestnutRic e 2468 Gwalior
4 32 tesla_proto col International Institute of Information Technology — Hyderabad codelegend superty virus_1010 2444 Pune
5 5 Laila Indian Institute of Technology — Roorkee sajal_ hm_98 abhishek_19 97 2411 Gwalior
6 145 Candidate_N oobs BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus Ashishgup Mahir83 Keyuuuu 2347 Pune
7 11 ForTheDamag edCode National Institute of Technology, Karnataka guestcheap xproxmess aj1729 2324 Pune
8 29 ButterRoti Indian Institute of Technology — Patna Equinox Gear4 I_Love_Equi nox 2311 Pune
9 23 bits_dont_l ie Indian Institute of Technology — Delhi ankeshgupta 007 mathmaniac thelonesail or 2295 Gwalior
10 13 TooLazy Indian Institute of Technology — Madras MegaBidoof TooObvious TooDifferen t 2262 Pune
11 9 Supercalifr agilistic Indian Institute of Technology — Madras Dipak bigcrunch gkavitha 2258 Pune
12 59 nostalgoa BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus sinus_070 vishal4556 codeswa_21 2245 Pune
13 45 Squirtle Squad Indian Institute of Technology — Roorkee aniket9465 piyushsethi a1999 swapnil07 2230 Gwalior
14 19 HelloFromTh eOtherSi Indian Institute of Technology — Bombay nanicode euler_1998 vmsbdpd 2206 Pune
15 15 Disha Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University guptautkars h028 goyalanubha v11 Abhishek_8 2201 Gwalior
16 50 From Infosys Indian Institute of Technology — Kanpur ajs97 PaneerPakor a 2192 Pune
17 62 Champions_U nknown International Institute of Information Technology — Hyderabad 1nikhil9 neerajbatta n phpduke 2187 Pune
18 381 longshot Chennai Mathematical Institute fauzdar65 bhishma anupam_datt a 2158 Pune
19 428 O(v ar slow) National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra ciphereck m0nk3ydluff y y0u_kn0w_wh 0 2127 Gwalior
20 98 discretebee s Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Kanc aneesh2312 vikas260299 sankarmantr ipragada 2125 Pune
21 179 Toeking Croaks Shiv Nadar University nishank.sur esh Praneet100 Temutai 2087 Pune
22 207 TheNemesis Army Institute of Technology Sheoran_Jit u GODOF_Shino bi Amit_Pandey 2078 Pune
23 24 RuntimeTerr or IIIT-Delhi orthodoxpar adox Savit_Gupta prakhar1725 2 2066 Gwalior
24 36 WinglessCro ws Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi shisui24 aayush_141 alis_jain 2064 Gwalior
25 66 Z_Level_Cod ers Indian Institute of Technology — Guwahati r19560bhara t shash42 shashwatcha ndra 2031 Pune
26 197 iSpicyBinar y Shree L.R Tiwari College Of Engineering Slow_But_De termined MehulDholiy a 10Aditya 2021 Pune
27 42 Math_maniac Indian Institute of Technology — Indore pushpendra1 997 Ashutosh_Ba ng gi_sha 2018 Gwalior
28 37 Wanderers Indian Institute of Technology — Bombay shubham__36 Vijaykrishn a rahulb 2008 Pune
29 546 Comp Amrita University katana_hand ler aswinashok4 4 kailashnath 1998 1989 Pune
30 255 HardToCrack Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Vivek199829 9 anay_07 Vitz 1978 Pune
31 600 AbsoluteZer o Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology , Jalandhar deepak1527_ princejvm chinmay369 1969 Gwalior
32 126 fit_bit Indian Institute of Technology — Mandi sagarguptas ml kush_s hitesh_r 1952 Pune
33 40 Grey Coders International Institute of Information Technology — Bangalore varadadesik an1 mahi.mahidh ar2 Heisenberg4 269 1945 Pune
34 482 HarHarMahad ev Institute of Engineering & Technology — Devi Ahilya Univ. justani xorier samyakjain 1904 Gwalior
35 220 Fire Breathing Rubber National Institute of Technology, Calicut Fayaz goginenibha rath Bharat_Redd y 1890 Pune
36 328 Almost Placed Nirma University silversnitc h Jaimin_Pate l raj0711 1886 Pune
37 77 too_lazy2na me Indian Institute of Technology Jammu ak-iitjm iAmAwesome vaibhavvash isht5 1864 Gwalior
38 389 Pongal Vadai Madras Institute of Technology panipuri8 accelmage ravikumarn2 4 1858 Pune
39 74 Brute Force National institute of Technology, Uttarakhand rahulgoswam i 1832 Gwalior
40 290 404_BrainNo tFound National Institute of Technology, Patna K_B_C_S ankitssingh 26 arcus 1827 Pune
41 151 VICTUS Pune Institute of Computer Technology akashpatil2 19 shivamgor49 8 www.sagarb 1810 Pune
42 97 BlundersPri de Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra puneetrai04 karngyan archit4077s h 1799 Gwalior
43 349 SEAS_phoeni x School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University smit_mandav ia m_never_die s black_truce 1787 Pune
44 171 TLERush Indian Institute of Technology — Bhilai Shubh_Agraw al sid_1310 BruceWayne1 621 1745 Pune
45 370 NZEC Chandigarh University abhiroxx somesh_99 amitray1608 1738 Gwalior
46 399 Death Eaters National Institute of Technology, Srinagar horcrux2301 the_king_in _the_nrth Hitesh2023 1700 Pune
47 605 Hash_Tag Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata ricksr angooj pawanvines 1681 Gwalior
48 567 AheadSquad Birla Institute of Technology, Jaipur lk03021998 divik544 shivamezio300 1664 Gwalior
49 572 PorkAndBean s Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Siddharthp5 38 Sagarika12 Jayxl 1645 Gwalior
50 882 benevolent Pimpri-Chinchwad College Of Engineering akk5597 gajaretejas 1601 Gwalior
51 519 iNTERCEPTOR z KLE Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology ashutoshjv6 61 1371 Gwalior
52 727 Semaforce Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati vaishali reena 153 Gwalior

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As it is ICPC practice season, we've been doing a lot virtual contests from gym. So, Here's a script that I made to sort problems of a contest in the order of number of submissions (which often translates to difficulty). This would help to choose a contest with smooth gradient and also quickly identify the next problem that should be solved during the contest.


  • Install Tampermonkey for Chrome/ Greasemonkey for Firefox.
  • Install the script from here.


Go to any contest page such as:

The problem list should get sorted automatically based on the number of submissions.

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I usually write:

'#define N 1000000

vector adj[N];

But when I run it locally, I get segmentation fault due to stack size being too small, so I end up reducing N to something like 10000 and forget to change it back again before submitting, causing unnecessary penalties.

So is there anyway to permanently increase stack size in ubuntu?

g++ -Wl,--stack=268435456 file.cpp works in Windows.

ulimit -s unlimited only increases stack size for the specific terminal


Thanks a lot for your replies, I ended up spilling water on my laptop :(

I'll try the suggestions when (if?) My laptop gets dried.

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