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By Wind_Eagle, 10 months ago, translation, In English

Hello, Codeforces!

I am very glad to invite you to the Codeforces Round #672 (Div. 2), which will take place in Sep/24/2020 17:35 (Moscow time). This round will be rated for the participants with rating lower than 2100.

All tasks were made by me, but gepardo helped me a lot with the last two tasks, probably these tasks wouldn't have appeared if he didn't help me.

My thanks to:

  • antontrygubO_o for coordinating this round. With this great coordination only good tasks remained in the contest.

  • gepardo made a lot, there wouldn't have been this contest if he didn't help me. He not only helped me with making last two tasks, but also helped me to understand how to make tasks for Codeforces rounds. Thanks!

  • EIK this is the person who teached me competitive programming — my Informatics teacher. Thanks!

  • programmer228, Hacktafly, K1ppy inspired me to make this round, listened for the every task idea, provided feedback and testing. Thanks!

  • Osama_Alkhodairy, vamaddur, thenymphsofdelphi, Devil, Ari, SleepyShashwat, TechNite, 1-gon, Tech.Maniac, Kavit_Kheni for testing the round and the tasks. Thanks!

  • MikeMirzayanov for Codeforces and Polygon platforms. Thanks!

  • You for participating in this round. Thanks!

You will have 2 hours for solving 5 tasks, one of which will be divided into easy and hard verions. I hope you will enjoy the round, I tried to make short statements and strong pretests interesting tasks.

Score distribution: 500 — 1000 — (1000 + 1250) — 2000 — 3000

UPD: The editorial is available. English version will be ready after the system testing is over.

UPD2: The english version of the editorial is ready.

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By Wind_Eagle, history, 11 months ago, translation, In English

Hello Codeforces! Recently I've become an author of a Codeforces Round #672 (Div. 2) (it will take place soon). Immedaitely after placing my contest in a timetable, I have been attacked by the messages of a following content:

"Hello, can I be a tester of your codeforces round? I want to gain experience in testing CF rounds" etc.

I want to tell you something. If you didn't know, the process of making and testing the round looks like this:

1) Author makes codeforces round. Of course, he/she also needs to test his/her round carefully.

2) When this work is done, round coordinator invites some people to test your round. Both author and coordinator can choose testers at this stage.

3) When testers looked through the round and did their work, round can be placed into the timetable. After this no testers required.

So, now, I hope, now you know that when contest is already done and scheduled, it makes no sense to write such messages to authors. By the way, this messages are not annoying. I just want you to not to waste your time.

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