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Hello every one ...

I have a simple problem from inoi(Iran national Olympiad in Informatics)

I've a solution for it but i'm looking for a better solution.

you have m bad strings(sum of lengths <= 200) and integers n <= 1e5, q <= 1e5 and a char k <= 'z'

we build n strings like this with lower bound English letters :

for i from 1 to n :

s[i] is that string that the size of it is minimum possible and all of its characters are smaller than or equal to k and it doesn't contain any bad string as a sub string and after all, all the n strings should be unique!

among those suitable strings for s[i] we choose that who's lexicographically minimum.

after that you should answer q queries :

1 x y : what is the length of the longest common prefix of the s[x] and s[y]

2 x y : print the longest common prefix of s[x] and s[y]

it's guaranteed that there's at most 40 queries of type 2.

thanks in advance

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