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The contest is in gym now.

The 2014 ACM-ICPC Asia Mudanjiang Regional Contest takes place on 11 Oct 2014 — 12 Oct 2014 in Mudanjiang, China. There are 11 problems in this contest. The problem set was prepared by Zhejiang Univesity. These problems also can be found at http://acm.zju.edu.cn (Problem 3819-3829).

The official results can be found at this page. Congratulations to Jilin Unversity to win the contest!

In the contest, problem A, C, D and F is written by Archon.JK, B is written by yxdb and navi, E and I is written by me(ZhouYuChen), G and J is written by zimpha, H is written by chnluyi, and K is written by prowindy. Bobgy, Flandre_Scarlet, Fancy, NeverLand.Dai and -.- also tested or discussed the problems.

Thank MikeMirzayanov for helping us migrating the problems to Codeforces!

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

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