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UVa Has no Reason to exist?

"University of Valladolid has no reason to support the Online Judge and they are not going to do it anymore" the last and final words by the University of Valladolid

Yeah, Our Beloved UVa Online Judge is no longer a part of University of Valladolid Just like that. I don't think I would've ever heard of this University, located in Spain unless it was affiliated with this amazing Online Judge. It has over a hundred thousand registered user and 4300 problems in its archive.

It is really tragic that After all the "Free Advertising" received "Almost for free" the University don't find any reason to support this OJ.

This site, though it's UI isn't up to today's standards and not updated regularly, I dont't think it has lost it's reason to exist in this World and a Comeback is necessary. As Requested, Please help this site to get it's Glory back by supporting it using Patreon, BitCoin or Paypal. Any Amount is Appreciated.

Thank you.

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