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By _help_me, 3 months ago, In English

Is it possible if we can have a separate discussion page for each problem just like Leetcode? I am not saying separate editorials page too, Everything that is now is fine, we have an announcement and editorial page for each contest, It would be nice if we can add a discussion page in each problem status page(like here) where everyone's solution can be voted and we can sort the submissions by the number of votes. Also, we can comment on the solutions.

For example, This is a sample Leetcode problem for reference, here we can vote the solutions, sort the solutions by the number of votes, if someone wants to explain their solution, they can do it, separate discussion pages on each solution, etc.

This could also solve another problem of cheating, like there can be a downvote option too, If a solution has a large number of downvotes and comments with valid proof that the person cheated, then it would be easy to filter out the plagiarized solutions. This would reduce the spam of "This guy cheated" in the blogs and comment section.


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