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By another_alt_account, 3 months ago, In English

The main person behind all this cheating scenario on codeforces is this guy chichi123, you can check his submissions to confirm by his timing of submission and code. He created a new id yesterday ethical_coder__ since his previous id got skipped many times.

UPD: New id sumitac_chan . Please ban this MikeMirzayanov

This is a warning for him to stop posting solutions on YouTube and telegram as I know everything about him from his codechef account to Linkeden . If he wouldn't stop doing this, I'll update his name and college with proofs on the blog. Please Stop destroying the future of people by helping them in cheating. Don't make codeforces like codechef

UPD: He again this time viral solutions of the contest so I'm exposing him

Abhishek Garg (AG) from IIITA. His real codeforces id: spidy7

Proof 1: He mentioned his college name IIITA in his fake codechef account, below is the proof , but now he has changed the college name to NITW after getting scared , you can check it. ![ ](IMG-20210627-183935)

UPD: He changed his name AG from codechef account and changed his college name , still you'll thinks that he wasn't this guy ?


Proof 2: There is only one guy from IIITA having rating greater than 2000 that is this guy Abhishek garg(AG)with rating around 2200

Proof 3: You can check his real cf id spidy7 that he hasn't solved any solve problem since 28th April and this is the same date when someone name AG started spamming solution on telegram

Ok I'm done. All of his college mates down votes the blog just to protect him from getting exposed. I'm sure now or later he'll face the consequences of this spamming solution and destroying the future by letting them cheat.

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