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Hello team and dont worry)))) big thanks you to maxan by helping as always to make me this solving (or thred i dont now)))) itmo its very big olimpic game for pupil AT ALL WORLD in Russia from Sanks Petersberg to much strong pupil with informatikc mind set.

in olimpikc have fight most then 1000 thsousend shkolar from UKRAIN belarus kazahstan and more)) what can i say about problems......... i can much say LOL but u can just see this condition))))))

its vary big broken my brain LOL do u can make sum easulity problem??????? @ITMO WTF?? what can i do solution this?

LMFAO its my best friend his noob xDD Hectonit

about proctoring (video checking pupil) THIS IS ASS EXPLOSION. when i seat and create some solution about problems (call) some man force me to dont go WC and i cant drink STREET and looking for me all time WTF ???

its was be so compressive and hard and my pchyco man in school said BE STREINGHT BE MAN. i wall trying..... because dont see all this i cold being ABSOLUTLELY PRESENTATION (GG eZ) 8-)

i very liked this itmo university olipm (cool) but in all has as stupid dodiks as (CHMO) (nothing personality)

in ending i wont say gyus go kill ITMO its so perfec5t))

subscribe on this mem pagge)) COOL MEMES))

hav god knight and dont worry))) HAS FAN sthenkas for reading and call me kuastions on my social network page TY i will answer as well))

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hello friends and dont worry))). thx maxan respectful pupil in mipt informtics for helping post subscribtion and helping!!!

for example i wil tell so good food in eating. it many energy and fool strong and all about this just day. for second its no warm water in house and i swimming in cold water, because thank maxan for this technologies

about teachers: its so exciting to been on on lection by Filipp Rukhovich DPR-pavlin and Andrey Chumachenkko (have not account cf dont worry))) R E S P E C T

but its not so cool in this. when i seat in my cass room is lection some women said i cant drink coold water and STREET in classroom because i will broke computers WTF ?!

In ending i will want say that i so good liked in mipt but whatever socks is badly

thands for reading, thanks questions in my VK profile:

good luck and has fun!!!!

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By businessmemq, history, 12 months ago, translation, In English

thx for thank you helping maxan

now i guess u know that python call before c++. for promise that u can check my departutar in my profile businessmemq its so hard to do sum problem on pythone because its so slowly and worry me....... BUT C++ its so faster and bigger problem maker!!! for example i submit problem 'арбуз' on c++ by 0.00001 sec and pythone do this in 000.5 SEC!!!  and pythone so hard to use in do computer games before c++. all cheats for cs:go do on c++ because pythone call(bad). i belive u like this post its my first post and i will do very this in futere. thakn and good buy) _its my vk social network page write me pls if u hawe sum quiestons. ty for reading and dont worry))

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