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By catching_cheaterz, history, 4 months ago, In English

Yes. I'm talking about the infamous no-lifer chromate00.

I see this person commenting everywhere, on almost every CF Blog. Meanwhile, he tries to act very cool in the comments giving out the solutions but today, ladies and gentlemen he went polyglot mode and did this - Caught in 4k

Need I say more ? And all of his submissions have been accepted by the system.

It's really sad to see specialists do something like this. Being informative in your blogs and comments don't matter if you do something like this. You are just increasing the urge to cheat among many new participants.

Please do us a favour and stop acting like a whimp.

There is a simple if-else construct for people like you.


Stop commenting on posts and admit your pathetic mistake. We dont want your "informative" blogs. Keep it to yourself.

Else, just leave the platform for good.

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