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UPDATE : 27 AUG 2020.

  1. As you all might have noticed on the Leaderboard, we have people with times_caught more than $$$4$$$. I wonder when will they get a ban from Codeforces.

  2. Added a new feature for people to report X-Users, the solutions which were mangled or clever enough to bypass MOSS. These things go under manual validation for now, but if confirmed it will give +100 X-Rating Gain to the X-User, also this incident would be mentioned on their profile as "Notoriety".

  3. I have added an Appeal section. People who are badly affected or people who think that someone is impersonating them can add an appeal. i would remove those X-Users but for X-Users with times_caught $$$>$$$ $$$2$$$, appeal won't help much. But i would see if anything can be done.


What is a X-User?

Its just a person, who's solution gets skipped on after contest, and they are out of competition, but it was rated for them. Nothing else, its a totally okay to be a X-User, however i won't prefer it.

Link to the website : CF X User

I have hosted it on Heroku for now, and I hope it will be fast to load and won't crash.

Features of the website :

  1. A dedicated leaderboard for X-Users.
  2. A new (and pretty basic) rating system for X-Users
  3. You can find all X-Users of a round
  4. You can find all rounds in which someone was listed as a X-User.
  5. Rating system works like this, $$$rating$$$ = no_of_time_caught * $$$100$$$
  6. With ratings, we have ranks. It's actually the same as from Codeforces
  7. After every round, after getting data. rating and leaderboard will be updated.

Also highly unlikely,but if you think your name has been wrongly added as a X-Users, drop a comment. It's very easy to remove your name and everything from there.

Here are some Screenshots


Profile Page

Find X-Users by Round

If you want to suggest something let me know.

That's it! and I hope you'll like it. :)

Some Clarifications

  1. There is nothing personal from my side, I don't even know 95% of the X-Users. I just take results from codeforces itself This website is no way generating any data of it's own, it just fetches data from Codeforces and displays it systematically. Its completely text based, and i don't store any pictures or personal information of anyone. i just link everything to external source, which is codeforces.

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hey guyz so my vacations started recently and i was back on codeforces after a long time, and the first thing i noticed was increased plagiarism and even more blog posts to bash them and i agree cheaters should be bashed but maybe not here, its a good and clean place.

so i came up with an idea it could be a fun project as well and it would take me around a week to code it, but i want to know what you guys think first

I am thinking about creating a separate website for plagiarists.

Here is some features i propose

  1. A separate leader-board and ratings for cheaters.
  2. After every contest i can find accounts whose solution gets skipped and give them a plagiarism rating increase
  3. Since some solution can go unnoticed thats why we can keep a report cheaters page. now each post will have a agree and disagree counter, and the account would be marked as cheater if the ratio of agree to disagree exceed a certain threshold.
  4. people indulging in repeated plagiarism would climb up the scoreboard and eventually won't be able to hide.
  5. and maybe mike would also find it easy to ban top rated cheaters using the leaderboards.

you can propose some more features i will can think and try to implement it as well.

i would start coding the complete website only if you guys like this idea

also "educate" me if you think i'm wrong somewhere

UPD : Someone just copied my post word by word lmao, wonder what was that for. Anyways, I have decided that I'll be making this website. I'll get back to work, and I'll be back soon. Cheers to all

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