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We hope you liked the problems! Before we go ahead with the editorial, let us make some general comments about this round.

Problems A, B, C, D, E, F are "div 2" problems, while problems G, H, I are meant to be solved by Grandmasters. Overall, our goal was to provide a problemset that could be enjoyable for a wide range of participants and such that the winner could solve all the problems.

There were three big "jumps" in the difficlty gaps between consecutive problems. Problems A and B are meant to be easy, many contestants have the skills and the techniques to attack them (and, maybe, to solve them). Problems C, D, E, F are gradually harder but the difficulty gap between C and F is not as large as usual (and this is reflected in the score distribution). The same holds for problem G, H, I; the difficulty gap between G and I is relatively small (but there is a big score difference because coding I is much harder). Sadly, we discovered 14 minutes into the round that problem I has already appeared in a contest (most likely also in Polish contest, if you know it please tell us in the comments). See also this comment.

Pre-contest predictions

Detailed overview on the problemset and a bit of behind-the-scenes

Which author did what?

Some thoughts from cip999

Hints and solutions










If you find any typo, feel free to tell us with a comment. Moreover, if you want to share your opinion on the problemset, we are eager to read it.

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