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Participants can join our Discord server here

The LexMACS (Lexington Mathematical CS) club is proud to announce our second annual Lexington Informatics Tournament! The contest window lasts from July 15 — July 19 EDT, and participants can begin their 3 hours window at any time. If you are interested, please visit our website at Once you register, you can see all the past problems on the contest page. Some of our problem-setters include codetiger927, eggag32, SuperJ6, and eyangch. Special thanks to testers DreamingLeaf and plourde27 as well!

LIT consists of two separate rounds: Standard and CTF. Teams may participate and win prizes in both. The Standard round is similar to USACO and CodeForces, where you are given 8 algorithm problems and 3 hours to solve, with difficulties ranging from D3 to D1. The CTF round will rely on contestants’ knowledge of computer security and general problem-solving skills to complete challenges and locate a "flag" for each.

Participants may form teams of up to 3 members! Everyone is welcome to participate in the contest regardless of nationality and age. However, only those currently in middle school or high school are eligible for winning prizes.


While we currently do not have the complete list of prizes yet, our current prize pool is worth more than $6000! In addition, all top 50 participants will be able to receive a Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition, each valued at $72.

For more detailed and latest information, please join our Discord Server and visit our Website. Registration will remain open up until the end of the contest window.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to DM the organizers in the Discord Server, or email us at

Hope to see you soon!


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Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good day~

You might have heard about USACO(USA Computing Olympiads) before. While it has many great problems, it's kinda hard to practice on USACO because there are few ways to estimate a problem's difficulty. As a USACO participant, I know the pain of attempting a question and only realizing after reading the editorial that it’s either too easy or too hard, wasting a precious problem.

Therefore, I bring to you USACO Rating! USACO Rating is a web application tool for estimating USACO problems’ difficulties in terms of CF ratings. There is also a quality metrics, so you can practice on only the most worthy problems, and avoid low-quality ones. The website is here:

We are also currently looking for more volunteers to better adjust the estimations through voting. If you’re interested, please check out

The project is also open source at So even if you don't really use USACO, you can freely modify this project and create a similar system for your country's CP olympiad :D! It is under the MIT License.

Hope you find it useful! And please contact me if you have any feedbacks <3

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