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By drastogi21, 7 weeks ago, In English,

I was wondering if there is a way to see the test cases of Kickstart? I kept getting WA in the problem C (Spectating Villages) of Kickstart Round F. I even wrote a stress-tester for it. I wasn't able to find any test case where the output of my brute soln (the one which passed C-small) and dp soln differed (I ran roughly 1500 test cases).

Edit : Turns out it was a stupid bug. I did figure it out.

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By drastogi21, 3 months ago, In English,

Hi, Codeforces Community!

Codefest'19 — a diverse roster of high-quality programming competitions by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT(BHU), Varanasi is excited to present Perplexed — the constrained programming event.

Perplexed is one of the most innovative events of CodeFest, whose target is not only gauge a contestant's coding abilities but also how one tackles different situations and constraints. The problemset will include all mind-boggling coding problems, ranging from code obfuscation to language constraints, character limits etc

The contest will take place at HackerRank. This contest will be an individual event with a duration of 2 hours 30 minutes, from Aug/23/2019 20:00 IST. With the creativity that the problems will naturally encourage and INR 50,000 at stake, there is absolutely no reason for a programmer to not give this one a shot!

The contest has been prepared by Enigma27, navpun31, _shanky, hitman623 and me (drastogi21).

UPD1: The contest will start in about an hour.

UPD2: The contest will start in about 15 minutes.

UPD3: The contest has ended.

UPD4: The editorial has been published. You can find the solutions to the problem at HackerRank itself. Feel free to discuss the problems in the comments.

Prizes -

1st Prize-Rs.20000

2nd Prize-Rs.12000

3rd Prize-Rs.8000

1st in India-Rs.6000

1st in IIT(BHU)-Rs.3000

1st in 1/2 year in IIT(BHU)-Rs.1000

UPD: The issue in the checker has been resolved. Following are the winners of the contest. Congrats!

1. .I.

2. JeffreyHo

3. dvshah

First place in India: nishank.suresh

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