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Dear Sparky_Master_WCH1226,

Congratulations for reaching Grandmaster and gaining your brand new red name Sparky_Master_WCH1226!!!

We have been so used to seeing Sparky_Master_WCH1226 ever since you became Master in Codeforces Round #763 (Div. 2), less than 24 hours after you reached Candidate Master in Educational Codeforces Round 120 (рейтинговый для Div. 2).

While red is a nice colour, it is quite sorrowful to say goodbye to the familiar Sparky_Master_WCH1226. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, we will remember Sparky_Master_WCH1226 forever... Unless, of course, if it occurs that our beloved (or shall I say, much loathed?) Sparky_Master_WCH1226 decides to go back to the familiar Sparky_Master_WCH1226.

Sadness aside, I must once again congratulate Sparky_Master_WCH1226 for advancing to red in Codeforces Round #783 (Div. 1)!!! You are a big inspiration, and I look forward to seeing you stream!!!

Yours sincerely,

A user who plays Codeforces rounds with turtle speed

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Why did this post got downvoted? Double standards :(