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I have to admit that this contest week (04.17 — 04.24) was incredible, almost everyday events starting from div4 rounds (what was pretty interesting to try) and ending on global round 20. A full range of problems including interactive problem in the very last contest. For me as for the guy who's doing CP only for 3 months it was a great experience and I'm so grateful to all problem setters, testers, competitors and everybody who was involved in this week's events for making it that entertaining! I definitely gained a lot of new skills and I'm full of hope that we all will have the same weeks more frequent and I aim to get one in a near future :)

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Cp for 3 months? congratulations. Please any advise for me. I haven't been able to push through any of the contest. I find difficulties implementing the concepts. Please for advise or a website link to help me?