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By MikeMirzayanov, 12 years ago, translation, In English
Good night everybody. I'm writing this at night, which is why my greeting is such. I would like to present to you several improvements on Codeforces.

1. Now when you click at the cell of the standings and view the history, you can find a link to its source code. Thus, you have a direct opportunity to view the code of each user for each problem. Of course, the judgement protocol with tests is also available there. At the moment viewing different solutions of one problem by one person is not very convenient - we'll think of something later.

2. Now all the finished contests have an open view tests policy. Of course, you should remember about the license while viewing any Codeforces tests :)

3. The "Presentation Error" verdict is considered outdated, challengingly formalized and useless to anybody. 
We know that nobody whatsoever can say correctly what the difference between the Wrong Answer and the Presentation Error is. Everybody has their own point of view and checkers don't usually keep up with the excepted decency rules in these matters. Without the Presentation Error everything gets more formal. Of course, if your program fit into the time limit, the memory limit and was ended correctly, then you will receive either the Accepted, or the Wrong Answer message. I wish you to receive the first one. Incidentally, I declare war against the Presentation Error and will try to wipe it out from everywhere. I also prompt you to do the same :) We shall not hold with environment pollution, the distribution of child pornography, Presentation Error and the militaristic policy of certain countries!

4. A new "Custom Test" tab has appeared on the contest interface. You can run your solution on the new page if you give it some test on the side of the server. That is, after you press the "Run" button your code leaves for the server together with the test; then it is tested, and its output is returned to your page. Don't refresh the page until you receive a reply to your run. The "Output" field will be refreshed automatically.

That's about it. I wish you fruitful work,

5. There's another improvement (I've forgotten about in the first version of the entry). Now, if your solution didn't pass the first test (and it always coincides with the statement test), then your try is fully ignored. For example, the "Wrong answer to test 1" is exactly the case.

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Good job!
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As I have seen , there is a unique number assigned to each solution, but there is no way to access the solution using that number.

or may be i don't know  :/ 

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    yep, there is no way to seen code having only code-id
    very sad :(
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Test data is displayed twice under source code.
Is it a bug?
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I found a way of doing this(little tedious)

I use opera(but i think will work on any browser):


1.Open status page.(of any previous contest )

2.Open its source code.

3.Find "<a class="view-source" title="Source" href="#" submitId="234">234</a>"

4.Replace the number with desired id.

5.Apply changes.(Here opera comes in handy).

6.See original page will have that id now.

7.Click on it and wallah!!!

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Great Job :D Loved all the improvements :)