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Hello Codeforces,

This is gonna be my first blog. I just deployed my latest project GitHub Readme Codeforces Stats which allows you to display your Codeforces statistics as a card on your GitHub profile using the codeforces APIs.

Currently, the stats card contains your Name, Organization, Current Rank/Rating, Max Rank/Rating, and a brief summary of your submissions. Also, you've two theme options to choose from.


Demo Image


The project is very straightforward and easy to use, just copy-paste this into your markdown content & change the parameters accordingly and that's it. Simple!

## My Codeforces Stats

![Codeforces Stats Card](https://codeforces-stats-api.herokuapp.com/stats?username=wweverma1&theme=1)

Get your Codeforces Stats Card: [GitHub Readme Codeforces Stats](https://github.com/wweverma1/github-readme-codeforces-stats)

Please give it a try and Star the project if possible. Let me know if you find any bugs or issues.


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Good design, do it for codechef too if possible.

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nice design, but seems that the card is not wide enough for me :(
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    thanks rui_er for your feedback. I forgot to add checks for string length while rendering SVG.
    Fixed it, kindly try it now :)