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UwU++ is a nyuvw wanguage that cawwies ovew and impwuvs many of the essentiaw featuwes of C++. the main thing I adowe about this amazing pwogwamming wanguage is the code's constant cohewence, wegawdwess of youw skiww wevew, which I b-bewieve c-couwd hewp the Codefowces pwatfowm be mowe accessibwe and, as such, dwaw in mowe usews!!!! *hugs tightly*

The OwO main impowtant featuwe of UwU++ awe its easy-to-undewstand k-keywowds, awwowing you t-to c-c-chain them togethew and cweate i-intewesting, usefuw and efficient sowutions *looks at you* w-way fastew than u-using C++!! NYA~~~!

As an exampwe, I wiww show you the efficiency *hugs tightly* of UwU++ by compawing i-it t-to C-C-C++. In both c-cases, we have a function that cawcuwates the N-th nyumbew of the Fibonyacci sequence. *runs away* the fowwowing c-can be wwitten in C++ as:

int fib(a) {
if(a > 1) { c = fib(a - 1) + fib(a - 2); }
if(a == 1) { c = 1; }
if(a == 0) { c = 0; }
return c;

int main() {
cout << fib(20);
return 0;

*cwies* This code c-can be vewy confusing and thweatenying t-to nyew codews. Howevew, behowd the vewsion of the code abuv wwitten in UwU++,*hugs tightly* onye of the best and most widewy-used pwogwamming wanguages of ouw time:

nyaa *fiwb(a)*
    *notices a gweatew twan 1*
        c iws fiwb(a minus 1) pwus fiwb(a minus 2)
    *notices a eqwall twoo 1*
        c iws 1
    *notices a eqwall twoo 0*
        c iws 0
wetuwn c


As you c-can see, this code is e-easiew t-to wead and undewstand than the C++ vewsion. If I wewe t-to show i-it t-to a compwete pwogwamming beginnyew, they w-wouwd easiwy undewstand what the code does. They may even OwO be so amazed ÚwÚ by this simpwe impwementation that they w-wouwd stawt weawnying pwogwamming by themsewves!

Even if you awe expewienced with p-pwogwamming, the impwementation of UwU++ c-can stiww hewp you by:

(1) Hewping you weawn UwU++ by sowving e-easiew Codefowces pwobwems!!!

(2) Awwowing you t-to wwite easiwy undewstandabwe code in owdew t-to finyish contests fastew!!!!

(3) Contwibuting t-to the evew-incweasing d-divewsity of Codefowces wanguages~~

TW;DW: UwU++ wanguage shouwd weawwy x3 be a-a-added t-to Codefowces. UwU

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Just curious, is this a real programming lanugauge?

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OwO When I was youngew and wanted to stawt weawning to code woof thewe was no so fascinatuwu wangowo wike UwU++ at aww bark I was fowced to study wotten C++ barks I used to cwy evewy night I twy to sowve some pwobwems clies bark But with beautiuwu UwU++ my wife has changed bark Now I can sowve 3500+ wated pwobwems woof I weawwy know what the woof is bark Evewyone wespects my skiwws bark I have a wot of fwiends woof much money and so on bark Unfowtunatewy woof I can't use this chawming wangowo on CodeOWOces woof so my wesuwts hewe awe vewy bad bark I cwy evewy time I pawticipate a CodeOWOces Round bark I believe it's necessawy to add this wangowo to CodeOWOces!! woof-woof

pls help me

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    it's impossible to read this!

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UwU cat ᓚᘏᗢ

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Please add this to the ICPC World Finals, I want awoo to become the champion