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Hello [Candidate Master, Master, ........Legendary Grandmaster]

I want to know how do you guys decide what is the tag of a particular problem

what do I believe till yet is

maybe its because of time taken by you generally to solve a particular problem or the no of submission maybe a factor to judge
but what does it mean 1300 or 1400 rating problem `` ~~~~~ what is the difference when we increase a 100 rating point ~~~~~

I am asking this because many time many old problem rating is very high but actually the solution they contain is very standard <:

Atlast can any top coder differentiate what the particular Rating demand which type of focus on the that rating problem

for example

when I solve problem of 1300 DP its come as a very standard one
when i solve problem of 1600 DP its come with a tricky DP or some other data structure
when I solve problem of 1900 DP its come with a very hard optimization of state and transaction " _ "

Please can every Coder above 1900 Ratings on Codeforces Share her experience please

See ;<



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if there is any blog or post existed before

kindly please DM me or comment here i can't find till yet : )

and one request from -is-this-fft- I see your details explanation i am very impressed to see : )

its my honor to see your details explanation : )

thanks : )

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I think the rating tags are automatically created based on solve rates, but the other tags can be manually added or removed.

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Since I was tagged here...

"A problem has rating X" means "a person with rating X will solve it during a contest with a 50% probability". And the rating you see is calculated (somehow, not publicly known) from contest results. There are some subtleties:

  • if a contest had several problems of a given difficulty, especially if they were time-consuming, then participants may not have had time to solve all of them, even if these problems individually would not have been that hard to solve; thus, difficulty rating goes up.
  • in Div. 2 or Div. 3 only contests, stronger users may not have been very motivated to compete seriously, thus their performance is lower, but the difficulty rating calculator doesn't know that. Some later problems from Div. 3 used to have absurdly high difficulties.

Anyway, although there are funny cases, I think the current system is still better than allowing users to actually edit the ratings. Tags can be edited by users (with a high enough rating, and only if you have solved it, and only like 2 weeks after the contest) and they are a mess because people have different and incompatible opinions about what constitutes as what.

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    Wow, Thank you so much for the explanation of some inside Codeforces algorithm : )

    well I see many top coder stream and they sometime say its a Division 2 B so it doesn't contain X or Y algorithm. does it mean the top coder have any intention like for problem A ( which is easiest mostly ) contain some mathematics or a for loop or observation same as like for problem B its may involve some X Y Z algorithm

    Kindly please tell whenever you are free :: )